XDBS BPO has total 85000 sq. ft. infrastructure across 2 global locations that is specifically designed to capture the unique requirements of customer management & BPO operations.

  1. Designed for 24 x 7 operations
  2. State of the art building management, security and power backup systems
  3. Robust highly reliable network infrastructure with multiple redundancies


Information Security is ensured at multiple levels : Physical Security & Building Security Systems: XDBS BPO’s facility has tight security round-the-clock and access to the building is restricted to authorized associates only. These security processes are based on ISO 27001 guidelines.

System/Network Level :  XDBS BPO’s Local Area Network is designed to provide logical separation for each customer, or even various projects of the same customer, if required. Need-based access for permissions and authorizations, with adequate firewall and archival facilities, is ensured.

Passwords and Restricted access : XDBS BPO has Password-protected network and telecommunications access, with access to internet and e-mail restricted through a network firewall.

Client/Project Level : Data Security between clients is ensured through dedicated/separate areas for different clients, restricted physical as well as network access and LAN separation for each client. Our floor level operations team is not given direct access to public internet.

Associate Level : Restricted and need-based access, based on roles which are reviewed periodically. More importantly, the attitudes of the people we recruit are tested through psycHOMEtric tests. Confidentiality contracts and non-disclosure agreements are signed with each Associate and background checks are run on them.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery : We, at XDBS BPO, strongly believe that the best way to handle a crisis is not to have one in the first place!

Disasters can occur without a warning and the results are often, unpredictable. It can take weeks or months, even years for an organization to recover from the outages or service disruptions caused by adverse events such as natural or
man-made disasters.

We have developed a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), based on the potential threats faced by the organization. Our BCP is geared to meet all possible contingencies, be it operational, infrastructural or unforeseen natural calamities. With having facility locations strategically planned, your business is safe and will always be continuous with XDBS BPO.

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