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Unlike B2B outbound telemarketing, B2C outbound telemarketing does not have a lot of sales time being devoted to working through gatekeepers. Instead, B2C outbound telemarketing is riddled with potential distractions, spouses, called IDs, and unprofessional conduct. Working carefully with many different B2C outbound telemarketing service clients XDBS BPO has developed solutions designed at maximizing the contact ratio in the B2C level and to ensure that leads are speaking with outbound telemarketing agents at a productive frequency.

General B2C outbound telemarketing services can often be riddled with respondents that are truly not interested in the product or do not understand. We work to carefully solve that problem by training outbound telemarketing sales folks to make sure that they are getting solid responses on each outbound telemarketing call. However, to ensure that each lead truly is an accurate lead, we have members from the quality assurance team to help ensure that each lead has positively responded to the outbound telemarketing call. In addition, these recordings are always made available to our outbound telemarketing clients.

By using a strong combination of a telemarketing process, quality, verifiers & technology, XDBS ensures that your B2C lead generation campaign is successful. We understand B2C as good as B2B!

  1. Technology enabled to net-out only interested prospects. We use a combination of mobile technology to enable inbound lead generation
  2. Contact-to-closure process, wherever possible
  3. Focus on training & pitch makes every lead, meaningful


 Appointment Setting

We present a highly mature and professional approach to telemarketing appointment setting. Our team is lead by some of the finest sales people with real experience in US, UK & Asia Pacific. We guarantee to secure you new business conference calls/meetings with senior decision makers, using a professional pitch describing your business offering. We will secure the appointment by pitching the benefits of choosing your business.

Our time-tested methodology will ensure a continuous stream of new business meetings, booked into your calendar. We can either use your current calling data or buy a tailored new data from us. We can start on your projects on a very short notice. XDBS BPO’s experienced and award winning appointment setting team is highly effective in securing you confirmed time-slots with influencers/decision makers with your target accounts. We leave the rest to your sales people to close! Result? Your sales team will end up taking up more valuable work in the ~55% time they save.

Our programs use dedicated and college educated workforce to deliver the program to you successfully. Our technology teams will fully integrate your company’s sales CRM/SFDC with our teams so they become a virtual extension of your sales team while the lead-handover is done more effectively and smoothly.

It does not matter whether you are running a small business, professional practice, a large corporate or even multinational. We work with a variety of industries. Our professional approach guarantees you excellent results. Have a chat with us today.

  1. Takes away time consuming tasks from your expensive sales resources
  2. Gets you confirmed in-person or telephonic appointments
  3. Time-tested buddy-up process to ensure a healthy relationship between sales person & our analysts
  4. Appointment supplied includes ‘key qualification’ information