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XDBS BPO offers both Enterprise Product Support and Consumer Services under this service category.

Our Enterprise Product Support services offer exceptional technical skills and mature technical support processes. We are a specialist provider of technical support services, creating and delivering knowledge-centric support solutions aimed at improving the end-user experience. Our experience with technical support helps us understand the technology intricacies, which commonly arise in product deployments across heterogeneous, distributed environments. Our high level of technical skills across various platforms, wide exposure to multiple deployment scenarios and creativity in problem solving help us improve the end-user experience.

In addition, our extensive access to qualified technology professionals, enable us to quickly train and ramp up expertise to meet consumer demands. The levels include L1/L2 and parts of L3. The modes include inbound calls, email, chat & remote login.

At XDBS BPO, we also specialize in driving consumer organizations to extend world-class BPO solutions to their customers. Our Operations’ Excellence philosophy is focused on scaling heights in customer experience without compromising on cost of support. Our reliable process-oriented service delivery methodology helps build an efficient and optimized support model to strengthen the lifetime value of our clients.

We have created best-in-breed solutions for specific industry needs through a combination of strategic assets – people, process and technology.

  1. Highly trained and experience process migration team
  2. Focus on L1/L2 migration with risk mitigation
  3. Best in class training & simulation facilities