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In a competitive global environment, Finance and Accounting function is the most essential fundamental of any enterprise. This ensures effective operations with requisite compliance and controls, balancing expense vs. growth, reducing the cash cycle and maximizing ROI. Hence, companies are channelizing their finance function to achieve superior results. IT rationalization, resource optimization and innovative delivery model facilitates Finance and Accounting Outsourcing to become the desired financial transformation strategy.

Our Finance and Accounting (F&A) services have pioneered the finance and accounting solutions by integrating domain expertise and technology solutions. XDBS BPO assists in identifying, transitioning, transforming, executing and continuously adding value to finance and accounts processes through a low-cost Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services model, without compromising on quality and compliance. Our Finance and Accounting BPO understands that our partners want a provider who would be able to attain operating cost reduction, superior transformation model, scalable and sustainable services along with continuous improvement/innovation.

Some of our services in this category include –

  1. Accounts payable and T&E claims
  2. Accounts receivable, credit management and collections
  3. General ledger and reporting
  4. Fixed assets accounting
  5. Financial planning and budgeting
  6. Regulatory reporting and compliance and audits
  7. Treasury and risk management
  8. Payroll Administration
  9. Forecasting and analytics


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