XDBS BPO has proven experience in servicing Internet & Retailers in support and solutions areas of customer services, order support, up-sell, cross-sell, customer experience management & customer loyalty management. Our service offerings to this segment are broadly described as below:

Services for Internet/Retail

Our experience & professional support staff will only work towards providing your customer’s a good experience while interacting with your brand, through XDBS BPO. Our Customer Relationship Management suite has:

Service/Assisted Shopping
General Information, Product Assist & Information, Billing Assistance, Web Help – Account modifications, password reset.
Purchase Support
Product Availability, Shopping Cart Operation, Up-sell/Cross-sell, Discounts.
Transaction Handling
IVR/Email/Mobile Payments, Order Verification, COD Verifications, Shipment Issues.
Product Feedback
Returns & Cancellations, Rebates & Damages, Wrong Order.
Service Quality
SMS/Mobile/IVR Survey, Case Management.
XDBS BPO's internet/retail solutions help retailers worldwide expand their customer base while automating all stages of their customer lifecycle. Our internet/retail solutions are web-based -
Customer Acquisition
Multi-channel approach – IVR, Email & SMS, Social Media Integration, Appointment Scheduling
Order Management
Book orders/sales through multi-channel – IVR, Email & SMS, Provide web-based system to all ‘order’ owners, Automated ‘triggers’ on order completion – billing, fulfillment, customer experience.
Feedback Automation
Capture customer feedback through multi-channel, Inbound/outbound IVR feedback technology
Pre-sales Solution
Lead Management System, Automated appointment scheduler with SMS/Email alerts, Sales resource co-ordination over SMS/Email, 2 level opt-in from prospect for confirmation, Notifications & reminders
Loyalty Solution
IVR based loyalty redemption, Integration with your systems

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