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Our Enterprise Product Support services offer exceptional technical skills and mature technical support processes. We are a specialist provider of technical support services, creating and delivering knowledge-centric support solutions aimed at improving the end-user experience. Our experience with technical support helps us understand the technology intricacies, which commonly arise in product deployments across heterogeneous, distributed environments. Our high level of technical skills across various platforms, wide exposure to multiple deployment scenarios and creativity in problem solving help us improve the end-user experience.

Services for Technology

We deliver high quality customer management services to technology companies. Our end-to-end customer & technical support services and solutions manage your services with automation & ownership.

  1. Purchase/Selection - Assisted Product Selection & Purchase
  2. Customer/Technical Support – L1/L2, Phone, Email & Chat Support, Remote Monitoring, Firmware Upgrades
  3. Hardware/Dispatch Management – Scheduling Replacements
  4. Analysis – Fault & Customer Analysis


Solutions for Technology

  1. Technology CRM – CIM, Tech Knowledge Management, Simulations & Training Portals.
  2. Engineer Scheduling – Multi-channel notification, Engineer Calendar Management. Close-looping.
  3. Learning & Training – E-learning Platform, Testing & Scoring Management.